The Methamphetamine Federation of New Zealand is a not for profit organisation which was founded to support the current NZ standard, while assisting to make change where needed to provide clear direction.  

The implementation of a Code of  Ethics and Rules for the methamphetamine industry is intended to enable members to provide the highest quality of service, and this website has been created as a resource the community may use to be confident in the capabilities and integrity of potential service providers.

This Code of Ethics aims to:

Provide direction to members of the Methamphetamine Federation of New Zealand to ensure their actions comply with the objectives of the Incorporated Society, and uphold the highest ethical standards within the methamphetamine contamination industry;

Provide a foundation of principles to aid members of the Incorporated Society in executing appropriate determinations in the practice of methamphetamine contamination sampling and decontamination, supporting NZS8510:2017, submitting proposals, reporting, providing support, administration and education; and

Raise awareness of ethical issues faced by methamphetamine contamination industry workers, and the community in New Zealand.

Members of the Incorporated Society should endeavour to:

  • Advance methamphetamine contamination sampling and decontamination knowledge;
  • Provide open access to methamphetamine contamination sampling and decontamination knowledge;
  • Maintain and develop their professional competencies;
  • Demonstrate objectivity and integrity in their work;
  • Be dependable in meeting timeframes for the completion of tasks;
  • Avoid undertaking work which entails a conflict of interest;
  • Abstain from making misleading statements in connection with their work;
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure their qualifications, capabilities or views are not misrepresented to, or inaccurately perceived by others, and to correct any misrepresentation which may arise;
  • Abstain from suggesting expertise or providing advice in areas of the methamphetamine contamination industry which they do not have; and
  • Abstain from any conduct which may bring the wider methamphetamine contamination industry into disrepute.