Joining Information

The intention is to grow the brand of the Methamphetamine Federation of New Zealand into a quality mark that is respected throughout the industry. Membership is in two sections - one being Approved Contractors and the second is for Associate Members.

Our members have their own display page on this website that they can access directly and update whenever they like, this page shows how they work and the regions they work in, and is accessible via the Find a Contractor search facility.

Approved Contractors can use our logo as a quality seal on their own website, so their customers can be assured they are experts in the field. When a customer clicks on our logo on your website, it will verify you are a current member of the Federation by landing on your display page on this website.

Membership costs are extremely reasonable

Approved Contractors Membership Fee 

Businesses that employ 1 - 2 employees pay $500 per annum

Businesses with 3 Employees or more pay $750 per annum

Fees are paid annually in advance and the amounts are exclusive of gst. The Federation is a not for profit organisation and is not gst registered.

The membership fee also includes advertising your business in one region (your home region) free of charge.
If you travel around the country it might pay to promote your business across a wider area, and the cost for this is only $100 per extra region. 

Associate Contractors

The fee for Associate Contractors is $300 per year including your home region, and $100 per extra region.

Associate Contractors will be trades that are not specifically working in the Methamphetamine industry, but have recognised expertise in dealing with the unique requirements of conditions created by the presence of methamphetamine. Examples of industries which may wish to consider associate membership include, but may not be limited to electricians, painters, plumbers and other building contractors, we well as real estate agents, property managers, landlords and building assessors.

The process

Please complete the application form below. 

You will need to  have the following documentatation

  • Indemnity Insurance if it is applicable - this is a required field for testers and samplers, and associate roles such as Building Inspector
  • Public liability insurance
  • Certificate of Currency
  • Industry training certificates
  • Business/company registration

Where applicable upload your files in the box provided, please check before you click submit that all the files are included in your application, and ALL FIELDS MARKED "REQUIRED" ARE COMPLETED.

If your application is successful we will contact you to arrange payment and to let you know how to complete your display page and access the Federation logo to use on your website.

We wish to help educate and assist the community and industry workers, and support change to make standards in this industry clearer, and include requirements for additional industries who work within methamphetamine affected sites.

If you are serious about raising standards in this industry, then join the Federation and make a difference.

Please ensure you have read our Rules and our Code of Ethics before you complete the application form.


Membership Application Form